Yocheved Rindenow-Kalev

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Yocheved has been a Psychotherapist & Healer for over 15 years, assisting clients with overcoming trauma and accessing their True Power. Her personal journey led her to explore and develop cutting edge Spiritual Technology for Healing & Transformation, incorporating ancient mystical Hasidic sources with the latest scientific research. In addition to her private healing practice, Yocheved teaches Consciousness Workshops on how to practically access your own Healing Miracles and Intuition.

Through cognitive and energetic transmissions her clients naturally align with their highest, most joyful, thriving and creative self. They connect to their own vital Life Force, leading to an organic flow of embodied self.

Individual Sessions

Yocheved meets with clients in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as well as via Skype all over the world.

If you are interesting in scheduling a session, please email: info@yochevedkalev.com


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Yocheved ‘s next workshop – Access the Wisdom of your Heart – will be on Thursday December 5, 2019 in Jerusalem.  For information or to sign-up, please email: info@yochevedkalev.com

Here are some of the potential takeaways from the workshop:

…Open to your inner guidance, higher knowing

…Access true peace in your mind, body, heart & soul

…Discover & align with your highest self & your deepest desires

…Connect & commit to who you really are

…Gain clarity, improved vitality, and creative expression

…Experience life in an unprecedented way

…Co-create miracles with God — find freedom, joy & ease

…Understand and be in presence


Yocheved’s recent Jerusalem Post article:

Upgrade your evolution through effective prayer

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To schedule a session or sign-up for the upcoming workshop: info@yochevedkalev.com