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A four week series between Purim and Pesach on transforming emotional blockages and accessing a higher state of being. Each week we’ll be moving through different core emotional blockages:

EST 12pm / Israel 7pm – March 16, March 23, March 30, & April 6

Week one – March 16

Fear & Anxiety

Working through fear and the mindset of contraction and limitation. From fear & lack to trust & abundance.

Week Two – March 23

Anger & Depression

Moving into a state of forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude and love.

Week Three – march 30

Guilt & Shame

Original sin, how the physical and mundane are holy. Moving into feeling holy and worthy.

Week Four – april 6

Confusion & Doubt

Confusion & doubt to Confidence & intention: stepping into your divine self

In the four week Series 

Learn how to:


Overcome blockages to growth


Create more ease and flow in your life


Be more present and comfortable in your body


Release old fears and deeply-rooted emotions


Gain peace of mind and clarity


Experience your own divinity


Access inner guidance


Live with purpose and meaning


Experience the magical in everyday life


Deepen your feelings of love and connection


Increase your emotional freedom


Empower your life’s purpose


Live from your essence

Start on your journey to freedom.

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Meet Yocheved

Spiritual Psychotherapist, Healer & Mentor

Yocheved has been a Psychotherapist & Healer for over 15 years, assisting clients with transforming emotional blocks and deeply rooted trauma, and accessing their true divine power. Her personal journey led her to explore Jewish mystical teachings and cutting edge spiritual technology for healing & transformation, and she incorporates ancient Kabbalistic sources with the latest scientific research in her practice.

Start on your journey to freedom.